Bissell Lift-Off Floors and More Pet Vacuum 53Y81

Bissell Lift-Off Floors and More Pet Vacuum 53Y81

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The 53Y81 Bissell Lift-Off Floors and More Pet Stick Vacuum was designed with convenience in mind. This vacuum provides powerful cordless cleaning and is always ready for quick clean up. With its two-in-one design, you have the benefits of an effective stick vacuum and hand held vacuum all in one. Simply release the handheld attachment to sweep the car, stairs, or any place a regular vacuum cannot fit into. This Bissell Lift-Off Stick Vacuum features a rubberized nozzle and a two-way folding handle so you can easily clean under your furniture. Since the vacuum is bagless, you never have to remember to purchase vacuum bags.
Bissell Lift-Off Floors and More Pet Vacuum, 53Y81:

  • Powerful cordless cleaning
  • 2-in-1 design
  • Stick vacuum and hand vacuum in one
  • Removable hand vacuum
  • Rubberized nozzle
  • Bissell lift-off pet stick vacuum features a bagless
  • Two-way folding handle
  • Dimensions: 45″L x 10″W x 5″H
  • One-year warranty
  • Model# 53Y81


  • I’ve had one of these for at least seven years, and I was thrilled that I could get the same machine when the old one ran down. ( The old one probably just needs a new battery and a good cleaning. It’s going to Goodwill.) I am disabled, and unable to use a full-size vacuum. I bought this one to clean up pet hair and trash off of the floor until someone else could use a “real” vacuum. What a surprise I got! This thing may not “deep clean,” but it definitely cleans! It is lightweight, easy to maneuver, and does what it is made to do very well. It is easy to get the(very handy) hand vacuum on and off. The parts that need to come apart easily, so getting out the fairly rare clog is not difficult. HELPFUL HINT: Buy an extra filter. Emptying the canister is easy, but the filter is covered (on the Outside) with hair, lint and dust. You can get a small mushroom cloud of dust, and trying to get that stuff off of the filter is a pain. So I got a spare. I pop on the clean filter and take the dirty one outside to clean it. I consider that a small imperfection on this wonderful vacuum.
  • This little cordless vacuum is great for everyday touch ups. It’s perfect for cleaning up after my cockatiel (aka seed spreader!) and my dog (aka shedding machine). It holds a charge long enough to do a couple of good sized rooms.
  • This is the second vacuum that we have bought. First one was damaged in a move or we had it for 5 years and will not have been replaced had it not been damaged.
  • We bought this one as a REPLACEMENT for the same model that we had used for a couple of years. A plastic part finally broke and buying the replacement part was nearly half what we paid for an entirely new one (and we get to keep the charger and handheld vacuum from the old one. It is not a high-powered vacuum, it is a lightweight electric (battery-charged sweeper). My wife uses it in our high-traffic areas, daily, instead of pulling out the heavier vacuum. She loves it. And I love it because Walmart beat the pants off everyone else with the price (same item) AND shipped it to us very quickly and without shipping charges.
  • I have one at home and at work and I love this sweeper. Just don’t fold it up because it might not last as long from folding it. I just leave that part alone.
  • I find myself vacuuming everyday because I have two indoor cats; one very large cat with long hair. Getting out my big bulky vacuum is great and all (nope), so I decided to get something lightweight and made for floors. I’m very I’m impressed with this vacuum, especially for the price. It swivels so effortlessly and is actually really quiet. Now I don’t have to worry about waking up my neighbors if I’m vacuuming early in the morning or late at night. Also my cats are not as afraid of it. It has a smaller catch area for debris, but it’s super easy to empty and not a big deal at all. Perfect for an apartment or smaller living space due to the battery life. Great buy!
  • After charging the vacuum as instructed I went to use it and it lasted a whole ten minutes. It had great pick up in those ten minutes but not worth the money for only 10 minutes of battery. Very disappointed. I’m going to have to return or see if Bissell can send a new battery and give it another try.